“Deanna L. Zibello designed a sumptuous set in the round to allow the action to easily move through time.”  –East Bay Times
“On one level, “Mechanics” is a kind of crazy-quilt, with each character serving as one patch in a constantly rearranged and reassembled pattern — a structure nicely echoed by the two suspended boxes that serve as principal playing spaces of Deanna L. Zibello’s set.” –SF Gate
Using a handsome unit set designed by Deanna L. Zibello (and built by the Bay Area Children’s Theatre), Crowded Fire has done a beautiful job of staging EDITH CAN SHOOT THINGS AND HIT THEM.” –Huffington Post
And, Deanna Zibello won just praise and awards for her seemingly simple, but actually rather complex set for JESUS HOPPED THE 'A' TRAIN and here [GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES] she gives us yet another example of how a simple idea (the set is a basically a spartan box divided into sections with the use of examining room type curtains) can convey so much in its simplicity.” –Seattle Gay Scene
“Deanna Zibello’s minimal set design and Jessica Trundy’s shadow-enhancing lights convey the depressing claustrophobia of the rooftop prison cages where Lucius and Angel converse but also suggest the tantalizing hint of freedom beyond.” –The Crosscut
“. . . a thing of eerie beauty. . . . like sitting too close to an IMAX David Cronenberg flick.”  –Seattle Weekly
“. . . brilliantly effective and multifaceted . . . she manages to make a very simple and sparse set look stunningly intricate.”  –BroadwayWorld.com
“…what grabs you right from the start is the fantastic junkyard set designed by Deanna Zibello.  As you wait for the show to begin, you find yourself looking for a rat to scurry out from under the hollowed-out car wreck or old fridge.  Perhaps the filthiest looking set that I have ever seen, it makes you want to get a hepatitis shot when you walk past to get to your seat.  The stained mattress covered in dirt and topped off with a muffler ices this less-than-appetizing mud pie.  It is a true example of how much a set can do to put you in the right place and frame of mind before the action or dialogue ever starts.”  –Gay Chicago Magazine
“…both elegant and flexible, alternating between picture-perfect Mediterranean villa and battle-royale coliseum, complete with a full bathtub.” -The UW Daily
Outstanding Scenic Design
2012 Gregory Award ~ Jesus Hopped the A Train ~ Azeotrope
Excellence in Set Design
2012 Gypsy Rose Lee Award ~ Jesus Hopped the A Train ~ Azeotrope
Excellence in Set Design
2013 Gypsy Rose Lee Award ~ Gruesome Playground Injuries ~ Azeotrope
2005 After Dark Award ~ Middle-Aged White Guys ~ Open Eye Productions
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